Range Membership 6 Months Per Person

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Our private facility offers a wide variety of shooting opportunities. We have 6 large pistol pits that have been professionally set up with a wide assortment of moving steel targets and static targets to challenge even the most advanced shooter.

We have a “shoot house” located on the facility. You are able to practice house clearing and various other skills in a safe setting before you need them in real life.

The rifle range has lots of steel and paper targets that range from 100 yards to 1 mile! We are one of the FEW locations in Idaho that you can shoot those distances!

As a range member, you only need to bring your equipment.  If you are going to shoot paper targets, you will need a staple gun and targets. Otherwise all the targets are already set up for you. The range is open 24/7. Night shooting requires prior permission from the staff. If the road is drivable, the range is open.  The range also has a covered break area to get out of the sun during the summer.

Hope you join our premier shooting facility!