About Us


Founder & Lead Instructor

Aaron Hughston is a sworn reserve deputy and business owner in Idaho. He is a law enforcement firearms instructor since 2005, and a less lethal instructor certified with P.O.S.T. Idaho where he is also a volunteer instructor for the reserve police academy. He currently holds an NRA training counselor certification (he trains students to become NRA instructors), a Utah Bureau of Criminal investigation certified concealed firearms permit instructor, and frequently teaches the Utah Enhanced concealed firearms permit class.

He is the designer and manager of a private range located in Bellevue, Idaho. All of the Hughston Shooting School classes are held at this private range. He became a staff member at the world-renowned Thunder Ranch with Clint Smith in Lake View, Oregon where he has taken every class at least twice. Gun Site, Front Site (regrettably), and a "survivor" of Tactical Response are other places he has received training. He is also a competitive shooter with IDPA and USPSA and is a top tier competitor since 2006.




Peter Dyndiuk is an NRA certified instructor and lifetime member, competitive IDPA & USPSA shooter, and has been working with Hughston Shooting School from its inception.

Peter has spent years of training with Hughston Shooting School, in addition to NRA instructional courses and courses at Thunder Ranch in Lake View, Oregon.

Peter frequently acts as one of the range safety officers during classes and provides one-on-one instruction.




Shay Doll is an NRA certified instructor and lifetime member. She has competed in IDPA and trained with Aaron for close to a decade. Shay has also received firearms training at Thunder Ranch in Lakeview, Oregon as well as at Florida Firearms Training facility. In addition to firearms training she has also completed various medical classes.

Shay was born and raised in Idaho and has always had a love for shooting. She has had various jobs as an instructor for different sports and activities and values the importance of providing a positive learning and training experience for those interested in bettering their skills and knowledge.

Shay would love to see a growing population of women who love to shoot and love to learn. She teaches private lessons now for Hughston Shooting School and looks forward to teaching the women specific group classes starting in 2016.

Please check our calendar for available dates.




Rick Jesinger graduated from California State University Long Beach with a bachelors degree in Police Science and Administration and was a police officer in Oakland, California until joining the FBI. After 33 years of service, Rick retired from the FBI and joined Hughston Shooting School as an instructor.

Rick Jesinger holds the following NRA Certifications:

  • Basic Pistol
  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun