Idaho Constitutional Carry

Posted by Aaron Hughston on Mar 16th 2020

I get this question ALL the time. People in Idaho think they do NOT need a license to carry a firearm due to Constitutional Carry laws. Word of suggestions check your self before you wreck your self!T … read more

Lite rust removal from a stainless steel revolver.

Posted by Aaron Hughston on Oct 23rd 2019

We just published a short video on how to remove lite rush from a stainless steel finish on a handgun. This is for LITE surface rust. This was done on a 40 year old Colt Python. The old guns need … read more

Review of the MBX Buffer Vs. Blitzkrieg PCC Buffer

Posted by Aaron Hughston on Oct 10th 2019

We posted on youtube today a review on the MBX buffer and the Blitzkrieg after several months of shooting both systems.Please check it out.

Loading to Min Power Factor for the PCC and Issues

Posted by Aaron Hughston on Aug 1st 2019

My experience and issues with minimum power factor and PCC. I had a few issues when loading to the MIN power factor and all where cured with increasing the PF to about 150 -155 that seems to be the mo … read more