Dillon 650 - 750 Custom Toolhead with raised bosses. Solid 6061 Aluminum.


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These dillon 650 & 750 tool heads are made from SOLID 6061 aluminum. We have taken LOTS of care to make each toolhead exact. We take pride in our craftmanship.

These ARE VERY SMOOTH you will feel NO tooling marks EVEN though the pictures look like it. IT is a visual effect.

We go the extra mile on our tool heads, to not only make them perfect BUT make them visually appealing. Even though it is NOT required for function we have chamfered (rounded) all edges on the toolhead. Please see the list of features on our tool heads below.

  • Precision cut threads to exacting tolerances. These fit standard die thread pitch of 7/8-14.
  • All edges chamfered.
  • All edges squared to toolhead surface.
  • Raised bosses so that you can tighten the die nuts away from the surface of the toolhead. This creates a square surface AND will not scare the toolhead or finish. This process adds about 20 + min to the tool head manufacture process.
  • Solid 6061 block of aircraft grade aluminum. 
  • All die stations are numbered.
  • Both toolhead pin locations have been countersunk to help the pins drop in cleanly. 
  • All threaded die locations have been chamfered (rounded) to help the dies thread in smoothly. 

These are made by HS2 Manufacturing a division of Hughston Shooting school. 



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