Dillon 1050 Upgrade. Shell Stop, Tabs, Powder Knob and 10 Spot Primer Tube Hldr

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This is a complete kit for the Dillon 1050. Please see our other sales. We have been offering the same items as single listings and have great reviews. I have sold combine over thousands of these items. 
This listing includes the Shell stop, Powder Adjustment Knob, Index Tabs and the 10 spot Primer Tube holder. YOU PICK the matching color set.
***Description for the 10 Spot Primer Tube Holder ***
This will hold 10 primer tubes / pickup tubes, they snap firmly into this rack to keep them secure and out of the way. I am the original designer of the 10 slot primer tube holder. 

Install by slipping this on the top back side of your case feeder.
3 threaded holes with 3, 6-32 Allen screws (NO modification needed to the case feeder). Screws help keep the primer tube holder from lifting off when you remove a primer tube.

Fits Dillon Case feeder or other case feeders with 12.5" diameter and 0.25" thick housing.
***Description Index tabs***
Set of 8 Dillon Locator Pin Tabs. 3D printed. Pin hole is tight so the pin and the tab will not separate. 
Will work for Dillon XL650. (for the Dillon 550 & 1050 please see my other listings)
Also we have gotten some feedback that there might be a small clearance issue on the 650 only at the bullet seating station IF YOU ARE using the Dillon bullet try. We are including 1 short version.
Station 3 on the XL 650 requires a special shaped tab that we include in every order.
***Description Shell Stop***

This will lock the case feed shuttle into the rearward position. It will keep cases from being feed into the shell plate when the press is cycled. Slide the shuttle to the rear and clip it on. This product works great when you are changing out shell plates, cleaning, setups or doing things like hand feeding cases that already have primers.  MADE in the USA. Made from PLA plastic. 

Comes with a built in clip that allows you to store it on the case feed tube. I am the ONLY person on ebay that offers this built in clip. Pictures make is seem bigger than it is. Total dimensions are less that 3"x 3"

***Powder Adjustment Knob***

This item is a VERY precise fit. It is push on but we also provide a set screw.  IT WILL NOT MOVE out of place. It has + and - makes so that you know what direction to turn the knob. 

These products have a lifetime warranty. If you are not happy with the item we will exchange it for another or for a refund within 10 days. Customer pays return shipping.
Lifetime warranty free of any work or material defects.