Blitzkrieg PCC Buffer Weight 2.56 oz


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Blitzkrieg Components / KynSHOT PCC Buffer Weight/Spacer 2.56 oz / Short Stroke
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Our PCC buffer weight can be used with either of our PCC hydraulic buffers to add mass in front of the buffer. It adds .75" in length to the buffer system (also short strokes the BCG), adds 2.56 ounces in weight and is designed for a close fit in buffer tube to prevent tilting of the buffer during cycling. The weight has several functions - the additional mass further delays initial bolt movement and slows the bolt velocity, it helps to keep the buffer aligned in buffer tube and keeps impact straight on buffer for best effect and longest service life, and it's additional length can be used to make a short stroke system if desired. Has flats on 3 sides to allow for air flow.

The PCC buffer weight is inserted into the buffer tube after you insert the buffer and spring, so the weight is in front in the buffer tube. During cycling, the weight is between the bolt and the buffer.

If you want to use this weight and have your bolt cycle the full distance and get behind the bolt catch, then you need to use an AR-10/A5 length buffer tube since they are .75" longer on the inside. If you use this weight with our buffer in a typical AR-15 buffer tube it will create a short stroke system that stops forward of the bolt catch. Additional mass is very important in any PCC short stroke set up since the bolt doesn't have as much time to slow down. We believe this additional weight has a positive effect in any AR PCC build whether full stroke or short stroke and with any barrel length.

Optimal set up - We believe that the optimal set up for most 8-16" barreled guns is to run this PCC Buffer weight in front of an RB5015HD buffer with a .308 carbine buffer spring in an AR10/A5 buffer tube for full bolt stroke. If your bolt has a weight pinned into the rear of it, we recommend leaving that in place to retain full mass of your bolt. We do have customers who like the short-stroke set up the best and everyone's perception is a bit unique, but it has been our experience that the full-stroke set up is the smoothest running and softest recoiling overall and you retain the use of your bolt catch. So full stroke either with or without this weight recommended.

This weight can be used with either the standard RB5007 buffer or the RB5015HD buffer. 
The weight is made of machined 17-4 Stainless Steel.


Length: .75"
Weight: 2.56oz
Diameter: .994"
  • Machined 17-4 Stainless Steel
    Increased Mass
    Reduced Bolt Velocity
    Super Smooth Running
    Faster follow up shots
    Keeps buffer aligned
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