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Hughston Shooting School

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Our basic handgun class is 4 hours long. The course teaches the knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol and revolver safely. The course includes lecture and range instruction and provides the participants with pistol knowledge and safe gun handling, ammunition knowledge, pistol shooting fundamentals, shooting positions. By the end of our basic handgun class the student will have learned the 4 firearms safety rules, basic Idaho law and will be able to perform the skills listed below:

  • Safely manipulate a firearm
  • Identification of the necessary parts and components of a firearm
  • Ability to safely load and unload the firearm
  • Proper use of sights and their relationship to the target
  • The proper 5 step draw process

The foundation to your future firearms handling is rooted in great logical training that is easily repeatable. Do not settle for half ass firearms instructors with incomplete and or weak resumes. Your life depends on the skills you learn. Weather it’s for self-protection or even target practice.

Class Requirements

You must bring the following equipment!

  • Gun
  • Holster
  • Magazines (3 total)
  • 150 rounds of ammunition
  • A billed cap
  • Eye and ear protection

We have rental equipment for this class, call for details and costs.

You must sign up in advance!


Start Time 9 AM at the gun range!

If there are more than two people in the class there will be an additional cost for additional instructors.