Tagua Multi Fit Holster -

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Tagua Multi Fit Holster -

Tagua- Multi Fit Holster

  • This Kydex OWB holster fits over 100 gun models. Find your gun model in the fit list below. 
  • Make sure your weapon fits well in your holster gun to ensure it is protected from damage.
  • We have the best OWB holsters because Tagua holsters are durable, versatile, and lightweight.

If you are a gun owner, then this Kydex OWB holster is the best option for you. With the ability to fit multiple types of guns, this holster gun is the preferred holster for those who own more than one gun. An easily concealed holster gun, each model we’ve tested fits each gun we tested well so you don’t have to worry about it being too tight or loose for the trigger guard. We strive to offer the best OWB holster for a great price and we do above.

                                                            FIT LIST

  • All Glocks 9 MM & 40 
  • Taurus 840, 24/7, 609, PT92, 809, PT111 
  • Most Ruger Double stack guns.
  • Springfield (XD & XDM).
  • Most Smith & Wesson Double stack guns.
  • Beretta
  • Sig Sauer
  • Right hand shooters (R/H)


  • Clean with warm non-abrasive soap and water. Remove gun from holster before cleaning.
  • Check and tighten mounting screws on clips as necessary.
  • If clip becomes broken or damaged, replace immediately. Do not use product with a broken or damaged clip. 

Made in America by Americans

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